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Intentional Systems and Our Vision

October 20, 2017
As we previously mentioned, we are incredibly excited to have recently finalized our acquisition by Intentional Systems.  We wanted to share a bit more about Intentional Systems and where we are heading together with you, our SteppIR customers and our community.

First and foremost, Intentional Systems was founded and is led by John Mertel.  John – as you may know – is one of the original founders of SteppIR Antenna Systems back in 2001.  So, in a way he is “coming home” after spending a lot of time recently in the 3D printing industry.

Second, about six months ago, John – along with a small set of local investors in the Seattle area – became interested in thinking broadly about the antenna market and the how to grow and scale a business to deliver great products and services to SteppIR customers and the amateur ham radio industry at-large.  This effort was ultimately realized as Intentional Systems Inc. which now serves as the parent company of SteppIR. 

Third – and we think the best news of all – is that advancing the SteppIR business is the top priority for John and the expanded leadership team.  As we mentioned in our press release, Mike Mertel will stay involved with SteppIR in an advisory capacity helping with technical innovation and product design, Jim Thomas will stay in his role as Vice President, Product Engineering, and Bart Hasz has been promoted to the role of Business Manager.  Generally speaking, this added investment and support is absolutely good for SteppIR and good for you, our SteppIR customers and our community.

Finally, the vision for Intentional Systems is really the same as SteppIR:  to help bring to market a diverse set of products, services, and technologies that can help us realize our collective goal of advancing the ham radio industry with new and novel technologies.  SteppIR is the foundational element of this effort. 

We are incredibly excited to bring to life many new products and services over time and expect that you will be part of the journey with us.  To stay up-to-speed on all the interesting news that will come from SteppIR in the near future, sign up for our newsletter.  And as always, thank you for the support!


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