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SteppIR Communication Systems Announces the SteppIR Insider Club

May 18, 2018
Our press release today introduced the new SteppIR Insider Club for our loyal fan base. Memberships are now open for order. Follow this link to our web page here.

SteppIR Communication Systems, a global provider of communication products and services, today announced at Hamvention 2018 that the company has launched the SteppIR Insider Club, a program designed to bring ongoing and special products and services directly to SteppIR customers, partners and amateur radio enthusiasts worldwide. The SteppIR Insider Club brings a membership program directly to the amateur radio community and provides ongoing value all year long, including seasonal discounts and special offers, 35% discount on repairs and extended warranty purchases, access to Insider Club hospitality rooms at major amateur radio shows and events, and advance notice on new product releases. The SteppIR Insider Club has an annual subscription of $249 per year and can be purchased at

“We have been working for a long time on different ways we can enhance the value of owning a SteppIR product,” said John Mertel, President and CEO of SteppIR Communication Systems. “We are one big ham community and want to make sure we have plenty of ways for customers, partners and enthusiasts worldwide to get involved in an ongoing way with SteppIR. This milestone marks the first of many programs we will launch over the next number of years to enhance our relationship with the amateur radio community.”

Additionally, today the company announced that Mr. Martti Laine OH2BH, has joined the company’s Advisory Board. One of the most accomplished and famous amateur radio operators of our time, Mr. Laine has been a ham radio enthusiast for over 50 years and will bring a wealth of international strategic and operational experience to the Board. As a telecommunications business executive, Mr. Laine has an outstanding track record in managing the successful entry of U.S. companies into Europe, as well as the overseas transition of a large Finnish company.

“I am incredibly excited to join the SteppIR Advisory Board,” said Mr. Laine. “The company has such a bright future and I’m very eager to share my experience and expertise with John and the rest of the management team to help them grow and expand into new products and regions.”

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