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Update from SteppIR!

Hello Everyone:


I wanted to get you an update on SteppIR Communication Systems during this uncertain time.

We are all dealing with a shock to our normal daily lives as literally the world adjusts to the new normal of dealing with the coronavirus.

SteppIR continues to operate at nearly full function, although new protocols have been taken to maximize the safety of our employees and customers.  By now, you know the steps being put in place, likely by heart, so I won’t go into details there.

The primary reason for this update is to let you know that we are here, we are open for business  and we are ready to assist in any way our customers need us!

Amateur radio operators have been at the forefront of every significant communications emergency event worldwide – ready to mobilize and assist on a moments notice when other communications options have failed.  I don’t know how just  yet our fraternity will be asked to contribute during our current emergency, but I am confident if called, we will collectively as a group respond swiftly and emphatically, as always.

At SteppIR, we want to support the goodwill efforts of our customers, of which many are a significant part of the emergency communications groups within the amateur radio service.  In a time where many companies are raising their prices, we are offering a discount from the standard pricing for any new consumer antenna purchase, during the month of March and April 2020.  It is simply our way of saying thank you, for what you do.  We would like to also give special thanks to those of you that already own our products – without you, we would not be here today.  You are our family, and we are incredibly indebted.

In closing, I wanted to comment on something that we have known collectively as amateur radio operators for many years – at the end of the day, regardless of personal, political or religious differences, ham radio operators all over the world have existed harmoniously as extended family for as long as the hobby has been in existence, which is something as a fraternity we should be incredibly proud of, and thankful for.  As this world and all its inhabitants have raced into the future, often times  I have felt like we were losing our humanity- folks seem to be more stressed, self-absorbed and not nearly as friendly and helpful as “the good old days”.  Since we all have become burdened by the impact of the coronavirus, everywhere I turn – whether it be in my own personal encounters with people or reading / hearing about others, there seems to be a certain resolve all around our planet –  helpful, friendly and caring folks that while fighting their own fight, are still looking out for others.  In this time of great stress, my greatest comfort is in knowing that humanity hasn’t given up on each other.

Very best regards,


John Mertel WA7IR



Tel: 425.453.1910

Cel: 206.226.2215


13406 SE 32nd Street

Bellevue, WA  98005