Electronic Controller Information Page

This page is dedicated to information unique to ownership / operation of the SteppIR original controller and the SDA100.  If you are having questions about your electronic controller, this is the place to come first!


Product Notes

 Enabling a function for the SteppIR controllers

Any time you enable a function in the controller menu, such as turning on the 6m antenna, or enabling 40/30 loop – you MUST power OFF and then power ON the controller for the change to take effect.



Using the Create/Modify Feature – SDA100

Using the Create/Modify Feature – Original controller


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SteppIR HQ will be closed for 4th of July!Closed Monday and Tuesday 7/4/22 - 7/5/22

We will be closed Monday and Tuesday 7/4/22 - 7/5/22 for the 4th of July and will be re-opening Wednesday 7/6/22.


UrbanBeam Price Increasingon July 15th

We have been holding prices as long as we could on the Urban Beam, as it is our most popular antenna. Unfortunately, we will need to raise the price due to multiple parts increasing prices on our end. We wanted to give as much notice as possible to customers that are considering this antenna.

73 from SteppIR