Eighteen years
in communications
enterprise technology

Welcome to SteppIR, the leading provider of amateur ham radio antenna systems

Founded in 2001, SteppIR provides the most diverse set of horizontal, vertical and portable antennas.  Built on patented technology and a strong culture of technical innovation and superior customer service, SteppIR is here to meet your ham radio needs.



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Introducing SPS!SteppIR Package Systems are now available!

SteppIR has for the last 20 years, custom built each individually ordered antenna, on a first in / first out, assembly line basis. Starting in 2021, we will begin selling our antenna systems in complete packages, which will allow us to build specific antenna “groups” and create on-hand inventory, resulting in much shorter delivery lead times for our customers. Further, the SPS bundles will reflect a discounted price of 5% off list prices, resulting in both time AND cost savings to our customers.