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Welcome to SteppIR, the leading provider of amateur ham radio antenna systems

Founded in 2001, SteppIR provides the most diverse set of horizontal, vertical and portable antennas.  Built on patented technology and a strong culture of technical innovation and superior customer service, SteppIR is here to meet your ham radio needs.



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HAPPY4THHappy 4th of July!

 - SteppIR would like to wish a happy 4th of July to all of our HF enthusiasts this upcoming week by offering 10% off of all SteppIR merchandise (thats right, ALL of it) in celebration of this national holiday.

 - Simply enter the coupon HAPPY4TH during checkout to save 10% off of your next purchase.

 - This promotional offer will be ending on the 11th of July, so hurry up and cash in on these great savings!

*We will be taking a company holiday this Friday July 3rd, so if you have any questions, please shoot us an email at sales@steppir.com, or leave us a detailed message, and we will get back to you first thing on Monday!