StealthIR 20m-6m Flagpole Antenna Package


Choose between 20m-6m, 40m-6m, or 80-6m band coverage for ground-mounted installations, or the "Pro"/"Starter" kits for elevated installations. Each ground radial kit consists of four 16 awg insulated wires, terminated in a single ring lug. We recommended 16 ground radials (4 kits) as a minimum starting point for vertical antennas. Each elevated radial kit consists of two 16 awg insulated wires per band, terminated in a single ring lug.

5kW-rated Current Choke in a waterproof housing, ideal for keeping RF from coming into the shack over the coaxial cable. Recommended using:
  • When elevating the base of a vertical antenna above the ground.
  • When only a few radials are used.
  • When the coax run is shorter than the radials.
  • When the ground condition is poor.

This cable must be run from the controller/remote driver board to the antenna directly, is responsible for powering the antenna’s EHUs (Element Housing Units), is shielded to protect from RFI/EFI, and has a UV rated insulation. We do not recommend using this cable for lengths greater than 400ft (see remote driver board).

The voltage suppressor comes in a fully sealed weather-proof housing and helps protect the controller against ESD events like near-incident lightning or static storms.
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SteppIR Verticals are the only true ¼ wave continuous coverage antennas available for the HF bands.

Introducing the StealthIR flagpole antenna! This is the new performance standard for users in HOA restrictive environments, or for those that have neighbors that are not as appreciative of the beauty of a resonant, optimized vertical antenna system!

The StealthIR vertical is a 20m-6m antenna, hidden inside an attractive flagpole with base. Optional 80/60/40/30m or 40/30m coil is available and fits underneath the rock base. The antenna currently is only available for use utilizing ground radials.

The system includes a two-piece non-conductive “flagpole”, which is flexible enough to take high winds, but sturdy enough to pass as a high-quality flag pole. A flagpole mounting assembly, as well as the fake rock base, are included with the system. The US Flag is optional, and any 3 ft x 5 ft flag will fit if you would like to provide your own flag.

The SteppIR technology has had a profound impact on improving vertical antenna performance over that of traditional designs – there is no substitute for having a true 1/4 wave vertical on every frequency within the coverage range, without having to “trick” the antenna into being resonant. Being able to adjust the length of the element allows the SteppIR vertical to be mounted nearly anywhere and still provide a good match to your transceiver. As with all ¼ wave verticals, ultimate performance depends on a good radial system.

Order is subject to a lead time of 10-12 weeks, but we will ship sooner if we can – get your order in now!

  • 20m-6m continuous coverage
  • 80m-6m coverage available through optional loading coil
  • 18 ft total length
  • 19 lb weight
  • 100mph wind rating
  • EIA-222-C wind rating without guys
  • Controller:
  • without Coil with 40/30m Coil with 80/60/40/30m Coil
    Weight 19 lb / 8.6 kg 26lb / 11.8kg 26lb / 11.8 kg
    Longest Element 17 ft / 5.18 m - -
    Power Rating 3kW on 20-6 mf 1kW on 40-30m 300W on 80-30m
    Frequency Coverage 13.8 - 54 mHz 6.8 - 54 mHz 3.5 - 54 mHz
    Wind Rating 100 mph - -
    Cable Requirements 4 conductor 2x 4 conductor 2x 4 conductor
    Tuning Rate 1.33 ft/sec - 0.4 m/sec - -

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 7 × 61 in