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Keeping Your SteppIR Up and Running

Once you get your SteppIR up and running we want to make sure it stays up and running!  See below for a set of common troubleshooting tips that might help you with the operation of your SteppIR antenna.  And if these don’t work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And, as always, please sign up for our newsletter to ensure you get the latest and great information from SteppIR.



Common Problems

Here are some quick answers to the most common errors that users encounter with our antennas. If your symptom is not listed below, try the troubleshooting guides for more help.

My SWR is high.

My controller shows a "Driver Problem" or "Check Fault" error message.

My controller doesn't track with my radio.

My antenna doesn't respond to my controller.

My controller won't turn on.

My controller screen is blue/white.


Troubleshooting Guides

These troubleshooting guides will help you diagnose and repair issues with your SteppIR controllers and antennas. If you are unsure where to begin troubleshooting we recommend that you start by performing a voltage and resistance check on your antenna and controller. The tests will tell you whether there is an issue with your controller, your antenna, or both. Follow the guides below to get started.


Basic Troubleshooting Guides

For general antenna troubleshooting info, use our basic troubleshooting guides below:

Start Here! - Voltage and Resistance Checks

Basic GuideYagi AntennaVertical Antenna

Expanded Troubleshooting Guides

Our expanded troubleshooting guides contain more specific instructions for troubleshooting particular antennas or components.

ControllerRemote Driver BoardTransciever ControlTransciever Selection Guide30/40 LoopDB18/DB18EDB42 


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