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The most potent single tower antenna systems ever seen in Amateur Radio

Extended Antenna Details

SteppIR Communication Systems offers a wide variety of antenna options.  Our objective is to always have the answers that our customers require, and this section of our website is provided for those that want to have much more detail on each model. Some of the information is redundant as there are similarities between multiple products, but we tailor the information specifically to each product, right down to the part numbers of the accessories for that particular antenna model.  Enjoy, and if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our sales or tech support departments!


Dipole & 2 Element Antennas

3 Element Antennas

  • 3 Element Yagi Antenna, 20m-6m
  • 3 Element Yagi Antenna with 30/40 Loop Dipole Adder
  • DB11 Yagi Antenna, 20m-6m
  • DB18 Yagi Antenna, 40m-6m
  • DB18E Yagi Antenna, 40m-6m

4&5 Element Antennas

  • 4 Element Yagi Antenna, 20m-6m
  • 4 Element Yagi Antenna with 30/40 Loop Dipole Adder
  • DB36 Yagi Antenna, 40m-6m
  • DB42 MonstIR Pro Yagi Antenna, 40m-6m

Vertical Antennas

  • CrankIR 40m-2m Vertical Antenna
  • SmallIR Mark III Vertical Antenna, 20m-6m
  • BigIR Mark IV Vertical Antenna, 40m-6m


  • Antartica
  • St. Barts
  • Coral Sea


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