The most potent single tower antenna systems ever seen in Amateur Radio

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Yagi Antennas

File Revision Release Date
2 Element 20m Assembly Manual 3.1 03/26/2020
3 Element 20m Assembly Manual 3.3 03/26/2020
4 Element 20m Assembly Manual 3.2 03/26/2020
UrbanBeam Assembly Manual 1.22 04/15/2020
DB11 Assembly Manual 4.1 04/15/2020
DB18 Assembly Manual 10.5 04/15/2020
DB18E Assembly Manual 10.5 04/15/2020
DB36 Assembly Manual 10.12 04/15/2020
DB42 Assembly Manual 10.7 04/15/2020
MonstIR Assembly Manual [Discontinued] 08/08/2008


Verticals and Dipoles

File Revision Release Date
SmallIR Users Manual 2.1 04/15/2020
BigIR Mark IV Users Manual 4.5 04/15/2020
80m Coil Users Manual 02/22/2008
20m Dipole Manual 2.0 04/17/2020
CrankIR Users Manual 2.1d 05/06/2019





File Revision Release Date
DB25 Control Cable Splice Connector Instructions 10/07/2020
Transceiver Interface Users Manual 5/24/2021
Connector Junction Box Users Manual 5.0 03/21/2011
Remote Driver Board Installation Instructions 03/21/2011
Wireless Remote Driver Board Users Manual 1.0 05/24/2019
Control cable surge suppressor Users Manual
High Wind Kit for 2 and 3 element antennas 2.0 09/11/2011
Truss kit Option – All antennas 2.0 06/02/2012
SARK-110 Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer v1.2 1.2.8 01/10/2016
DB42 80m Dipole Option Manual 01/10/2011
DB36 80m Dipole Option Manual 3.0 02/05/2009
40/30m Dipole Manual [Out of Date, for Reference Only] Q 01/16/2008
Diverter Cone assembly procedure 2.0 07/30/2009
40/30 Loop Installation Instructions (new-style) 03/26/2020





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