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The most potent single tower antenna systems ever seen in Amateur Radio

SteppIR: At Your Service

We are proud to be here to provide world-class support and service to our customers and our community.   See below for support details and please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Sales and Customer Service

Orders can be placed online, by email or by telephone.  To place an order online, please visit the Shop section of our website.  Note that the search bar on our shop page can search by description or part number. If you know what you want to order, we encourage you to use the online ordering system.  Email is great for prior-to-order questions or questions regarding lead times and shipping/billing questions – email at  If assistance is needed in selecting a particular part, or help is needed in selecting the correct antenna system, we are available 9:30-4:30 PST for telephone inquiries at 425.453.1910.

Technical Support

SteppIR provides free technical support via email or by online scheduling of telephone appointments.  To schedule a free 30 minute technical support call, click on the link below.

If there is a need to bypass our free email or telephone technical support system, SteppIR offers direct-call support that does not require making an appointment.  These calls are billed at an hourly rate.  For this service, call us at 425.453.1910.

Schedule an Appointment

Technical Support Resources

SteppIR tests every individual element housing unit (EHU) and every electronic controller, before shipping.  The odds of there being a manufacturing defect as part of a new antenna installation are extremely low – most issues are isolated to customer wiring problems – wiring of a SteppIR is not difficult, but it does take patience and accuracy.  We will always require that a voltage resistance test is conducted as part of any troubleshooting process.  Most issues can be self-solved by using information found on this page, click on the troubleshooting link below for more information.

Troubleshooting Tips

EHU Identification and Selection

This is a great resource for determining the correct EHU for a given antenna, whether you need to order a new one or have issues with an existing EHU


Returning Products for Repair

In the event of a failure of a SteppIR product that cannot be remedied by technical support, there are several options available to facilitate repair.  Our goal is to provide fast and fair support to our customers, so you can focus on far more important things, like working RARE DX!  All of the options below are tailored to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

Controller Swap:

Do you have a defective controller?  Send in your controller as a “core”, and we will send you back the latest SDA 2000 OptimizIR controller at a discount!

  • Fluidmotion controller > SDA 100 or OptimizIR – $100 discount
  • SDA 100 controller > OptimizIR – $150 discount

This is a good way to upgrade to the latest technology at a greatly reduced cost. Give us a call today! 

Controller Repair:

We offer repair services for damaged controllers. Fill out an RMA form following the link below:

Return Repair Form

Firmware Update:

Having trouble updating your controller? Send us your controller and we will perform the firmware update for you, just pay shipping. Fill out an RMA form below and indicate the firmware update in the description.

Return Repair Form