New EHU and Sweep Design Information

Hello everyone,

We’ve been getting some questions about what changes have been made to our EHUs and sweep design. Here’s some information about both! Any EHUs that are sent in for repairs of refurbishment will be upgraded with our new contact brushes and copper-beryllium tape. Here’s the link to the PDF, which can also be found in the Downloads section of our Support page.

Brush, Tape, and Sweep Updates

These changes make our equipment more reliable and easier to assemble; we hope you enjoy the updated designs!

-73 from SteppIR


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Closed for Veterans day!11/11/22

SteppIR Communication Systems will be closed 11/11/22 for Veterans day and will be re-opening 11/14/22, normal business hours. You can order products 24/7 on our website or if you wish to speak with us, we will look forward to chatting next week.

Thank you to all who served, we are grateful for your dedication to our country.