W(IR)ELESS Remote Driver Board Upgrade Kit

Requires you to own a SDA 100/2000 and a Remote Driver Board Kit.



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Customer controller must be sent in to SteppIR for firmware re-flash in order to use the W(IR)ELESS remote driver board.


The all new SteppIR W(IR)ELESS remote driver board uses radio links to replace control cable normally required to operate the antenna. The radio link uses frequencies that operate at line-of sight (2.4 gHz). A transmitter board is added to the OptimizIR or SDA 100 electronic controller, and the W(IR)ELESS remote board is placed at or near the antenna site. Typical SteppIR control cable installations are either above ground or below ground. In above ground applications, the cable is usually resting on the ground or is routed in some other manner -and can be susceptible to damage from weather, nuisance animals, and of course, humans. In below ground applications, the control cable normally requires a conduit system to be installed in which to route the cable, which can be time consuming and expensive. With the W(IR)ELESS board, the control cable is eliminated from the radio operating room to the power source. A power and ground source is required for the W(IR)ELESS board, typical Yagi installation places the W(IR)ELESS board at the base of the antenna tower, with a short run of control cable to get from the W(IR)ELESS board, up to the antenna elements. The W(IR)ELESS board includes a mounted polycarbonate protection plate to allow for ability to handle the board without touching sensitive electronics. For outdoor applications a waterproof enclosure is required.

• Save hundreds of dollars in control cable costs

• Eliminates the need for underground conduit installation

• Stops potential control cable issues on above ground installations

• Greatly reduces potential for control cable wiring errors

• No need for control cable to be routed into operating room

• Retrofits to systems that already employ the OptimizIR or SDA 100 controller and remote (wired) driver board

• On-board LEDs make it easy to range test and determine ideal line of site mounting location

• GHE components are inherently stable and very reliable

• Protects the controller (and your operating room) from unwanted lighting hits

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