40/30 Sweep Kit


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This kit contains the hardware necessary for rebuilding the entire loop / fiberglass spreader rod assembly. This kit can be used to repair / maintain new SteppIR antenna systems, or convert old style sweep systems to the current design. 

This is our newest design which not only simplifies assembly, but also ensures that there is a smaller probability of incorrect assembly which in the past has lead to sweep failures. This design utilizes a new part called the Sweep Diverter which helps funnel the copper element during the transition from the fiberglass telescoping pole to the poly sweep. Instead of relying on the mechanical compression from the sweep clamps we now utilize a PE rated adhesive lined heat shrink which adheres to both the poly sweep and fiberglass telescoping pole making for a solid connection every time!

If you are having problems with your 40m looped element we highly recommend upgrading to a higher current output power supply, to this new sweep design which has a smoother transition between the fiberglass pole and PE sweep, and also upgrading to our new EHU contact brush which helps reduce friction in the EHU. 

*This services both ends of a single looped element. CANNOT BE USED ON DB11 ANTENNA!*

Kit Contents
QTY Item
2 Poly Sweeps (100psi)
2 Fiberglass rod, 3/8″ x 31-3/4″ long, black
1 conical grinding stone, 3/4″, (ENCO)
1 Anti-seize single packets, TMP-1
1 Sweep Hardware Kit
4 Sweep Diverter
4 Polyolefin Heat Shrink 1.1″ x 6″
1 Glue Kit



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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 2 in