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Lead Time Announcement

Dear SteppIR enthusiasts,
As many customers may have noticed, our lead times for antenna orders keep increasing, even for those who have existing orders in-house . The world situation with parts supply and manufacturing is becoming increasingly difficult, with much of it very publicly in the news, such as computer chips critically delaying auto production. In some cases our normal lead times on parts we order, critical to the manufacturing of our antennas, have gone up 6x in lead time estimates, and in some situations certain electronic manufacturers have elected to simply stop making parts at all… for a year or more!

We are taking measures to mitigate this, actions that are adding cost to the product – at our expense- in order to get your orders to you as fast as possible.

We are adding 3rd and 4th level supplier options, vertically integrating (making our own parts) wherever we can, and over- ordering parts to ensure we won’t run out.

But, unfortunately sometimes the ability to procure necessary parts are completely out of our control, and for those situations we ask for patience from you, our valued customers.

We appreciate your understanding and please know we are highly motivated to get you your antenna and/or parts orders as soon as we possibly can.

Best regards,

John Mertel