Reinforced DB Mounting Plate Assembly


Works with all antennas besides verticals!


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This assembly is a new design for the Legacy and DB style antennas which mounts the 18′ fiberglass telescoping poles directly to the reinforced plate. This greatly reduces the stress on the EHU housing and instead directly transfers the forces from the telescoping poles to the plate and therefore the boom. This assembly also comes with EHU housing flange reinforcement brackets which greatly reduces the chances of over tightening the EHU mounting screws which can crack the housing.

On DB style antennas the new reinforced DB plate will mount directly to the boom utilizing solid aluminum saddles (use your existing bolts/saddles). On Legacy style antennas (2E,3E, and 4E) the new reinforced DB plate will mount to the existing element brackets that are mounted on the boom via the 10-32 bolts that secure the EHU to the mounting plate.

This new assembly weighs just under 1.5Lbs heavier per EHU.

This kit services one EHU only. Order qty should match the number of EHU’s you have on your antenna!

Does not include aluminum saddles or bolts for mounting the plate to the boom as this is antenna specific. Does include new Nylock nuts for the aluminum saddle bolts.

This kit can now be used on all antenna’s besides Verticals. Does not work for the 49ft element on the DB36 or DB42.


Kit Contents
Part # Description Qty
70-2030-21 DB Mounting Plate w/ Reinforcement Wings and Foam Mounting Guide 1
10-1609-11 DB Mounting Plate Upper Reinforcement Bracket 1
10-1609-21 EHU Shell Flange Reinforcement Bracket, Side 1
10-1609-31 EHU Shell Flange Reinforcement Bracket, Top 1
10-1612-01 Resin Clamp Spacer 2
60-7019-11 Resin Clamp, 1.5″ (set)   2
60-0100 Bolt, 1/4 -20 X 3-1/2″, hex head, S/S 5
60-0030 Nut, 1/4″-20, Nylock, S/S 5
60-0017 Screw, 10-32 x 3/4″, Panhead, S/S 11
60-0019 Nut, 10-32, Nylock, S/S 11
60-0018 Washer, 10-32, Flat, S/S 7
60-0033 Washer, 5/16″, Flat, S/S 9
10-1502-12 EHU Gasket, for Black Housing w/ drain hole, Updated spacing 1
60-0017-10 Screw, 10-32 x 7/8″, Flathead, Phillips, S/S 3
60-0061 Screw, 10-32 7/8″, Panhead, S/S 7

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 1 in